• Apex roof summerhouse
  • Thicker than average tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • Framing 45 x 34mm
  • Eaves height 1.8mm
  • Joinery quality hardwood double door with mortice lock
  • Joinery quality hardwood opening window
  • 300mm roof canopy
  • Toughened glass as standard
  • Available in sizes; 7×5, 7×6 and 7×7
  • 1-year manufacturers guarantee


600mm verandah
Side window (6 panes or 9 panes; central or towards the front)
Change to large pane ‘Modern’ style doors and window
Green felt tiles
Shedsheet rubber roof covering

2 pane, 4 pane, 6 pane: Available in lieu of standard hardwood double doors £20
Modern doors and windows: Available on any building with Georgian small pane doors and windows. Includes single large pane of toughened glass, piano hinges, chrome door handles and window stays. State ‘Large pane doors and windows’ on your order £70 (door and up to three windows). Additional windows £130

Further info
The Front Width x Depth (front to back) x Height (to the top of the apex) in metres. Non-standard sizes are available. Please note the door gap is slightly smaller than the door itself. Allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your building such as the roof overhang as this is not included in the measurements. Also, allow the space required for installation and maintenance. We strongly advise you check internal and external sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose and the sizing is crucial. Depending on the size and location for some buildings planning permission can be required. If you are unsure please check with your local council.

Additional information


7×5, 7×6, 7×7


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